I help professional people navigate, understand and get rid of their limiting beliefs, stress, fears or blocks... all those painful obstacles that stop them achieve their potential.

I create programs tailored for each individual. Depending on what the person needs to address, a program can include work at the conscious and subconscious level.  

Hypnosis can be used in working with groups as well in addressing motivation, performance, absenteeism, smoking, stress...  and a whole range of others issues that affect productivity, sales performance, team building, etc. 

We start to form opinions and beliefs about this world from a very early age. In fact, it is believed that by the age of 6-7 we have already formed our personality, we already have habits, thought processes, strong opinions about life. All those personality traits, programs, habits are deeply instilled in our subconscious mind and serve us automatically when we need them...for example walk, talk, eat, read.... But we evolve, develop, experience… and certain programs that are running us might not match the reality of the present moment any more. The result is that we don’t easily find answers to our problems, we don’t fit in a certain environment…

Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind and intervenes, updating the programming to match the reality. It is a natural state, it’s gentle, safe and effective.

Amazing results can be achieved… from dealing with lack of self-belief, addictions, phobias, fears, deep traumatic past experiences, physical ailments…

If you are a person sufferring of anxiety or depression and you think there is no cure, I think this might surprise you! The help is here for you! 

if you are a manager, a HR looking for solutions for better group performance, there is help!
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