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#leadership, #businessvision

Engaging Leadership

Good leaders are full engaged with their business and the people in it. This means that they know their business and…
#hr, #training, #leadership

Three Steps to Leadership

Good leaders are never satisfied with being ‘good’.  They always know that they can be better.  Which is why…
HR, Communication, Employee Engagement

How Good Is Your Communication With Your Employees?

Too many employers think that, if they say something, then it has to happen. Outside of work, we would call this a…
Redundancy, Restructuring, Employment and hr

Restructuring as we Exit Lockdown

Many employers are considering restructuring as we exit lockdown.  This may involve making redundancies, putting people…
Management, Home-working, Employment and hr

Home-working can be stressful

Home-working can be stressful but is something many of us are having to get used to. For some it will be a walk in the…
Grievances, Dispute Resolution

Grievances: 10 top tips

Grievances can be time-consuming and extremely difficult to manage.  Here are my 10 top tips for managing grievances as…
Dismissal, Employment and hr

Saying Goodbye to a New Hire

Saying goodbye to a new hire is never easy.  You will almost certainly have invested time and money recruiting them and…
Dismissal, Disciplinary, Employee Management

Tackling Misconduct in the Workplace

Tackling misconduct in the workplace is not straightforward.  It requires careful thought and consideration.  Your…
Contract disputes, Employment contracts

Protecting your Business

It’s important to carefully consider ways of protecting your business at the outset.  Would any of your employees pose…
Grievances, Investigations, Employment Law


What’s the best way to handle a grievance? The best way to handling a grievance depends on two things: the nature of…
Mediation, Dismissal, Employment disputes


Business relationship breakdowns can be as bad as a divorce, and just as costly.  It can be very difficult to know how…
Employment Law, Perfomance management


GUIDANCE FOR MANAGERSEmployee Handbooks are often a substitute for good guidance for managers.  Managers are told to…

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