Recruiting in the modern day

Recruiting in today’s competitive environment is anything but simple. Candidates are more fickle and selective, the rise in recruitment agencies has ensured the best candidates are taken off the market, and graduates in particular look further afield at a wider range of employment opportunities.

So if you’re looking to recruit salespeople for when you have a dire need, you can’t afford to waste time or resources. You need talented, ambitious candidates who are suited to your business, which is where we come in. From our 20 years experience we’ve found that hosting assessment centres are the only fool-proof method of recruiting, because it offers invaluable insight into the skills and characteristics of candidates.

An assessment centre offers companies the opportunity to test applicants on skills related to their industry and company activities, so they can view whether those applying for their roles can go onto succeed within their business. This saves companies time and effort, whilst giving them the opportunity to interview candidates one-on-one after the assessment group activities. From this they can be extra sure that their interviewees are the right fit for the job.

So if you’re looking for assistance to source the best salespeople in the business, Pareto know what it takes. Our experience of recruiting for over 20 years is what makes us market leaders in the recruitment field, enabling us to continue to provide the top 20% of salespeople to companies to this day.

So if you’re looking to find out more about Pareto’s recruitment services, enquire today.    
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