You’re a doer, right? Me too, it’s in our bones!

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You’re a doer, right? Me too, it’s in…

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I used to be in what I call “GET IT DONE ENERGY”.

Focusing on smashing the to-do list, creating a list for a list, a post-it for the daily priorities, ticking things off the list, following the plan-OMG so much DOING often feeling meh!

My brain was wired to take action. It was how I operated. On autopilot and compelled to keep going by doing.

Get sh*t done, AND with the project manager in me thinking do it on time, on budget and to customer requirements!

And the to-do list just grew and grew.

And the outcomes from all my doing…50/50 to be honest!

I knew there was something missing, because I felt it…

AND NOW I know there’s a better way.

Now I tune into my brain and my body before any “doing”!

I create time, effort and energy to notice the thoughts and feelings that don’t serve me - the ones on replay in my head keeping me playing small.

And then I intentionally create the thoughts and feelings that do serve me and who I want to be, and take action from that place.

DOING autopilot to BEING on purpose.

I’m still doing loads, now from “BELIEF ENERGY".

Subtle, but has blown my mind AND my results.

This is the work I’ll do always.

This is the work I do with my clients.

This is the work we can do together now.

All my best

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  • Self Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Self Belief
  • Action
  • Mindset coach

What I do is what I believe, and what I believe is, our thoughts create our results.

I thought if I over delivered and outperformed I'd be recognised and successful.

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