Use all your colours to decide !

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Use all your colours to decide !

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Jim Quik the best selling author of Kwik learning and many more awesome Mental Toughness techniques describes a process of decision making and problem solving called 6 hats. Once you have an outcome you desire. Job offer, better relationship, financial security…. You start there. 

The way it goes Michael Mahy version ???? - 

  • White Hat - This is when you are gathering as much information as possible on and around the subject. This should take anywhere from a few hours to a day. 
  • Yellow Hat- Bringing Optimism to the equation. Being as bright and as positive minded as possible despite the challenges. 
  • Black Hat - Judgement Time. Being highly critical, no room for positivity, staying within the context of safety and being sensible. 
  • Red Hat - Connecting to your Why. Why is this is important. What will this decision give you. Check your passion meter . How bad do you want it ??? 
  • Green Hat - Creativity. This is the how. Learn from others, and tweaking the process to suit your situation. Thinking outside the box. 
  • Blue Hat- Managing. Time and Progress. Small steps. As Jim would say “ Inch by Inch it’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard” 

I have found this process hugely helpful with clients and within my personal life . You can use whatever terminology suits you as I certainly do. Hope this helps, if anyone would care to share their process of problem solving would love to hear back. 




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Michael Mahy
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I am a Transformational Coach who helps professionals who have experienced emotional set backs in their work or personal lives to discover their new purpose and go after it with confidence, passion and self belief.
Decision making is a process. This is an offer of one way. Make it your own. hashtag#consciousleadership#consciouschoice#selfbelief
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