Old Dog New Tricks

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Old Dog New Tricks

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Too old, too set in your ways to change . I am a coach , a problem solver and an optimist, I believe that , with motivation, self awareness and the right training we can for the most part ; be in a state of growth and learning, happy and fulfilled.  I believe that with the right human connection, adequate self belief and the right set of tools and strategy you can change your mind and your world.  But let’s put aside my optimism and self belief for a moment and look at the science of how to create permanent change. 


I recently read Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “ How to break the habit of being yourself “.  In a nut shell the book purports - The better your brain functions , the better your mind functions. If we use the analogy of a car and it’s driver . The brain is the engine and your mind is the driver; how adept a driver you are comes down to your consciousness. The mind is the brain in conscious action. The field of Neuroscience has proven that there is a electro chemical connection between your thoughts and your emotions. For eg when you have angry, anxious  or depressed thoughts your brain 

neurones transmit electrical charges, which then triggers the release of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol into your body, you then experience the related emotions ie tense, resentful fretful.  Prolonged exposure to negative electrical impulses result in your brain laying down a map or a hard wired network of electrical impulses that create negative patterns of thoughts and behaviour in your daily life. This hard wiring contributes to the make up of your personality or “your personal reality”.  Put another way, your Personality traits are connected to your mindset and to your physical habits. 



Noticing your  self limiting thoughts and Unlearning your self limiting habits, is the start of the process of bringing joy, connection and purpose to your life.  From a scientific perspective as you start this process of changing your mindset and your habits the neural pathways that were initially fired up by fear, anxiety ,frustration start to “cool off”  and become weaker.  New pathways will be mapped out and hard wired in the brain  , flooded with the happy chemicals like Dopamine and Serotonin. 


My main intention here is show  that when your brain is electro chemically wired to work for you, your thoughts and habits will mirror this . You will become much more able to achieve success in terms of happiness, fulfilment, purpose and connection, to yourself and your external environment.  I would love to have a conversation with anyone who agrees or disagrees, or would like discuss how I can use my learning to assist them in getting to a “better place “ in their lives. 


  • Health & wellbeing
  • life changing decisions
  • Self Belief
  • Vision and Mission development
  • Self Confidence
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