Don't Rise Too High Lest You Fall

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Don't Rise Too High Lest You Fall

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I am sick of this crap! This is what my client said to me when he was recently made redundant. When we fail: to maintain, to hold on, to achieve, we have a tendency to start building up a portfolio of evidence against ourselves as to why we can't succeed; we start to believe that it’s over, time to throw in the towel, give up on that idea or venture before we even start. All the times you were told No- “ We are looking for someone with a different skill set”, We are not hiring at the moment” “ So sorry the prognosis is not good" all these past events come back to haunt. A common reaction is to internalise; fear, pain, doubt, anger… These emotions present as a loss of energy, motivation, wanting to give up, becoming despondent ,… what’s the use you may ask yourself… Your foundations have been rocked, what you have dedicated your life and energy to, whether its in Health and Fitness, Creative Arts, Social justice; Personal Relationships have been taken out of your immediate control, the doors that were once opened are now closed, options for growth you once had are gone. 

After the dust has settled and you have vented your initial disappointment and frustration, your 'Fail safe' may kick in, internal habits and survival mechanisms guiding you back on track, to the same constructive thought patterns and skills sets that you have developed over your years of service. A few questions to ask yourself as you adjust to your changed world ... At your core has your mission changed ? The career path you set out to create, has that changed ? More than likely it has. One solution to consider is to start reacquainting yourself with your vision, purpose and mission. To accomplish this effectively and consistently you may need some guidance and support. This is where coaching is powerful. I have outlined in my Coaching programme - The Edge; how we intentionally we work towards Clarity, by looking at Purpose, Passion and Process. In our conversations we uncover re-occurring blocks and Saboteurs; those negative stories and energies that stand in your way of dreaming big and executing with courage and self belief. The Method of delivery of my program is as important as the outcome. On our Discovery Call I rely on my intuition that has been developed from teaching a multiple variety of people to scuba dive over a 20 yrs period. This intuition is based on an ability to connect with people exactly where they are in this present moment - at this stage in their journey; with empathy. Getting to the core of your Story is a practise that works within stressful, emotional situations. In my former life as a Scuba Diving Instructor I supported people through a Lack of Self Belief, Fear of failure and physical harm, and helped them build Confidence in their performance. The gift and opportunity that being a Life Coach has given me is the ability to follow up on this learning, by holding my clients accountable and providing them with real life tools that they can take forward and make a difference in their daily lives…. Coaching for me is like passing the baton in a relay race. It’s a team sport, we run together, strive and thrive together. Even if a past diving client did not successfully complete that dive, at least they know for sure that we took it to the Edge of their potential, and they Discovered what is truly possible; what works or at the very least what doesn’t. They discover what it means to know whats a definite "Hell Yeah!" or definite "Hell NO " in a given decision. This Mindset gives the gift of Clarity through Conscious Resonant Choice. This type of relationship- team work, is based on an authentic open connection. My Method is tailored for an outcome of a future that resonates with what you always wanted for yourself, but the Story or hold back, was that it was never the right time or you doubted you would be accepted or had the skill or were competent enough. If you are interested in a straight forward, non salesy conversation on a zoom call or a digital chat on Linked In messenger or FB messenger, go right ahead and Contact me. Mike Mahy

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