Coaching through Uncertainty

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Coaching through Uncertainty

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Coaching Through Uncertainty

Employment anxieties, limited resources, relationships under strain, our leaders struggling for clarity and connection. Guess what? Resources have always been limited. Let’s look at what you do have. Lets explore what is certain:

Your skills, your experience, your contacts, your work ethic, your natural, innate talents.

They are certain.

Let’s leverage what you have. What are you willing to gain or lose to get the best outcome? What limits you - pride, fear, or stagnated imagination - or a combination of all of these things?

How did it work for you before this crisis? What was the process that you followed when you got that first opportunity? Was it a perfect economy then? Were you living in the proverbial “land of milk and honey”?

Were there challenges? How did you overcome them?

When you were hungry for success and recognition, was that true to who you were? What were you willing to do to get it?

There are a lot of questions - but which one resonates, Which scenario makes you go “hmm”?

Start there - look away from the problem, turn the light inwards, outwards, and all around the room you are in. Look under every stone... look with curiosity, with love and compassion. Acknowledge the fear, but with vulnerability and self-belief. 
If you are struggling with coping through these unprecedented times drop me a message in my inbox. 

Michael Mahy 
  • Courage, Vulnerability,
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