Scenario interview questions.

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Scenario interview questions.

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A frequent element of interviews these days, an element that many interviewees forget to practise, is that of “scenario” questions.

Scenario questions require you to make choices, and as Albus Dumbledore pointed out, it is our choices and not our abilities that demonstrate who we truly are.

If you are working with a career coach or mentor make sure you ask them to cover this vital aspect of modern interviewee technique.

But there is another more sceptical angle to this! After several recent post-interview feedback sessions with clients, the cynic in me has started to wonder whether some companies are using candidates to scope out potential solutions to real problems the company may be facing.

After all, a job ad on their website and asking five of the top candidates to give a 30 minute presentation about a particular ‘what if’ scenario is undoubtedly cheaper than hiring a consultant!

Remember, you currently work for a competitor and drawing the fine line between giving away your company’s trade secrets and giving a convincing, yet confidential, answer is an art in and of itself. Tread carefully with scenario questions.

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