How to thrive through changing times

How to thrive through changing times

How do we feel as businesses and our lives start to return to something more resembling normality? We’ve all been through a bit of a rollercoaster over the past 6 months. Maybe like me you were in the early stages of starting your new business, excited about the year to come, only to find everything come crashing down around your ears in March. But as a species humans are adaptable. As Darwin is often quoted, ‘it’s not the strongest, nor the most intelligent that survives, but the one most adaptable to change’.

For me I’ve spent the past few months in self-development and self-care, studying, learning new skills (including being a teacher to my kids!) and keeping myself healthy (mentally and physically). But as ‘normal’ life returns (whatever the normal now is) I finding myself having to adapt again.

However good we are at adapting, neurologically we are predisposed to dislike change - change is challenging, it’s so much easier to just carry on as we are even when we know we’d be better off changing. Over the past few years I’ve worked with many individuals and organisations helping them to successfully manage change. Here are a few of my top tips:

  1. Understand the why. What’s your motivation and what’s driving you to change, how will your life be different? Try writing this down in the present to really feel what it’s like – ‘Today is July 2025 and I’m …….’.
  1. Visualise the new you. Personally I am one of the minority who struggles to see in my mind’s eye but many of my clients find visualising help them connect to the change. Neurologically, visualisation helps to prime the brain for change, a bit like a rehearsal.
  1. Macro goal but micro steps. Know in which direction you want to go, but aim for small steps to get there. Being overly ambitious can be overwhelming and demoralising if we slip up (which we are more likely to do than with mini goals).
  1. Maintain a good support system. Having a strong and varied support network is critical in times of change. Friends, family, social and professional networks can all offer support in different ways, so ensure you have variety in your support system.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you and your team through these changing times please get in touch for a chat.


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