What is Normal?

Palma Palmer, Palma Palmer Business Coach & Mentor
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What is Normal?

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What is Normal?
By Palma Palmer

Normal or Abnormal?

Which one am I?
Does it matter to me, to others, in this climate or in a secure climate?

Who has the right to decide or judge that status?
I have been thinking alot lately about normality.
Who can define that, seriously each person is unique. 
Mental Health is sadness, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and beyond.  Do lables help us or hinder us?
For some making sense is the answer, to others denial and avoidance is preferable.
As we come out of lockdown what is normal?
What does normality give us, anxiety or conformity?
I believe we have forgotten that we have huge emotional ranges, and funny eccentricties.
If we accept our normal or abnormal ways, we manage our fear, then don't need drugs to fix them.
Labels are not an excuse for any individual.  Taking responsibility is paramount.
Identity is what I work on.
I grew up struggling at school, I know I have Dyslexia, it is not an excuse but an awareness of my traumas and being called stupid.  I have never been tested, but I know my struggles and can pinpoint all my weaknesses but they have become my strength.

I am not normal but my values and beliefs are very traditional.  Conflict in everyone is normal.
I am fed up hearing people becoming victims with labels, and those that truly need help firefighting life on their own.
The world is not fair we have seen that recently.

My perception, I have watched manipulation and control come from labels.
The oppsite is also true, labels induce stigma amongst people.

Normal or Abnormal, who cares!
Being true to oneself is the most precious gift one can own.
Loving oneself without fear of shame, guilt and judgement, is liberating.
I teach liberation and freedom to be happy with all parts of oneself.  The good, the bad and the indifferent.
I don't like conforming to what others want from me.  I choose what I believe in and what I see is real.
We are lead by illusions and confusion.
We need diversity and belonging.  
An emotional or behavioural state can be both understood.  One a disorder and one a unique perspective.
Are we not encouraged to think outside the box, be entrepreneurial.  Human Beings are vulnerable, sensitive, and unique.

I think abnormality is universal and normality is becoming a myth.  We all have flaws, and the more we share them, the more fulfilled human beings are.
Imperfection is everyday life!
Acceptance releases trauma. Being rational and grounded is normal, being alternative is creative.

Welcome to our new world of normal!
We have strategies to control our environment.
Resilience is trusting oneself then moving forward.  
Faith, Hope and Belief in life is a neccessity.

 Normal and Abnormal are both colourful, you can be both.

We need both in our World, it's called being Alive!

By Palma Palmer ❤️
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Palma Palmer Palma Palmer Business Coach & Mentor

I'm Palma Palmer.
So good they named me twice.

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