Why we resist change?

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Why we resist change?

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Having spent the past few days delivering workshops on how we can manage our teams through change what really seemed to resonate with my clients was the elephant and rider analogy. 

In this the 6-ton elephant represents our emotional and instinctive side, always wanting a quick payoff over a long-term reward. This is usually the first cause of failure to change, as change often involves short-term sacrifice for longer-term gain. 

On top of the elephant is the rider, our rational side. He knows where he wants to go but how can the small rider keep the large elephant on track long enough to reach his destination? How can he clear the path ahead and make progress for both of them. 

I love using stories in both my training and coaching and have really seen their power in helping my clients reach clarity in their situations.

Let me know if this resonates with you?

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