Triple word mantras for career success.

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Triple word mantras for career success.

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In 1997 Tony Blair introduced the mantra, “Education, education, education.”  Whether you like the man or not, his phrase certainly reinforced the motivational effectiveness of using one word three times; it gives the resulting phrase dramatic impact!  

21 years later ‘Apprentice’ winner Sian Gabbidon said last year as she got ready for her final presentation to Lord Sugar and a gathering of senior business leaders, “Prepare, prepare, prepare.”  

If you are currently in interview mode pitching for a new job, or pitching on behalf of your employer you should keep this phrase top of mind.  Add to it “Practise, practise, practise” and now do what both mantras say. 

If you do so, it could take several months off your job search or lead to a significant bonus from your employer.  Either way, take note, these two phrases could have a significant and positive impact on both your career and your personal finances.

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