How important is self-motivation?

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How important is self-motivation?

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We can’t keep our careers burning bright unless we keep adding fuel to our motivational fire. 

We need our working environment to contain those activities, relationships and interactions that are consistent with our career objectives and satisfy our career drivers. 

In turn we will experience happiness, fulfilment, high self esteem and a general feeling that we are thriving and successful. 

These are what we call external motivators because they give us a sense of well-being that tends to disappear if the working environment changes. 

However, to guard against the demotivating effects of these changes if they are unwelcome, we also need a high level of self-motivation. 

Only if we are self-motivated will we be able to proactively change our working environment for the better. 

Most of us take motivational hits when things don’t feel right, but that’s when self-motivation is essential - and the most powerful sources of self-motivation are to have the right attitude and a high level of emotional intelligence.

Usually we can’t choose or control what happens to us, but we are able to choose how we respond. #careermanagement #careerobjective #careeradvice #emotionalintelligence #attitude #careerdrivers
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