Learn the art of career management.

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Learn the art of career management.

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It doesn't surprise me that so many people hate Monday mornings! What really surprises me is that next to none of them ever manage to do anything about it. 

Undoubtedly the desire to do something about it is there, because surely nobody chooses to put up with being demotivated, frustrated, annoyed, bored, unhappy or any combination of these for 40 hours a week. 

Most likely they just don't know how to do anything about it. If you are one of these, then why not join us and learn how to manage your own career proactively. 

Andy Warhol was right when he said people "need to work at learning how to live", but they also need to learn how to live fulfilling working lives. #careermanagement #careeradvice #mondaymorningblues #andywarhol 
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I am a proactive director and business leader who is intent on providing, in the most ethical manner possible, discreet and confidential career management services to individuals. My ultimate aim, my…

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