What makes a good employer?

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What makes a good employer?

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Let's reflect on the following quotes.

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them; they hire already motivated people and inspire them” - Simon Sinek.

“Many companies seem to fail to embrace their staff as individuals” - Sir Richard Branson.

“I don’t like being put in a box and being categorised. Each person is different with their own unique talents, thoughts and feelings” - Liz Burton, GSK Director.

Clearly, one of the most important elements of being a good employer is that of understanding what makes people tick and treating each person as an individual.

In 2003, in our London office, we asked one hundred Career Management clients who had resigned, why they had done so. We were shocked to hear that 37% stated that they had resigned because they simply couldn’t get on with their line manager or one of their peers.

As Marcus Buckingham, New York Times best-selling author and business consultant said, “People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers.” #proteuscareermanagement #careeradvice #attitude
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