The link between success and moral values.

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The link between success and moral values.

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Do you want to be successful? What are your personal moral values? There are dozens of types of success to which people aspire and there are dozens of positive moral values that people strive towards. 

However, you can be successful without having high moral values and even if you do have high moral values your success is not guaranteed. 

Is there then no connection between success and values? 

Well “yes” there is! Ponder the following truism, “You and any success you have will only be valued by others if you put a value on your own moral values - it all comes down to your attitude.” #proteuscareermanagement #attitude
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I am a proactive director and business leader who is intent on providing, in the most ethical manner possible, discreet and confidential career management services to individuals. My ultimate aim, my…


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