New Year's Resolution

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New Year's Resolution

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I used to be a heavy smoker ten years ago. Over the different years, I have tried various strategies to stop. Stopped cigarettes; smoke shisha instead; tried cigarillos, in fact, I never quit smoking, but I did some form of tobacco.

As a smoker, you go into different habits, bad ones. I never smoke at home, but usually in the garden, or outside. Smoking is a habit that you might think suitable for any occasion, happy, sad, working, drinking. You would feel that if you do stop, it is the end of the world. What would you do if you really stop smoking?

During New Year's Eve, we were having a family dinner with my friend Yasser, his wife and daughter. I was the only smoker on the table. My way made a statement that I wanted to stop smoking, but never took the first step.

He suggested that we make a bet! He would eat raw salmon salad, in return, I will stop smoking.

I agreed. I knew Yasser, my friend, for 28 years at the time, and we were roommates. He was almost a vegetarian, where he would eat only selected grilled meat, and definitely no sushi or sashimi.
He ate the sushi salad and stopped smoking. That was history, 9 years now. He did really do me favour where he pushed me to change, and I am indebted to him.

Though I was never resisting stopping smoking, totally dissatisfied, had the vision to have a smoke free and a healthy life, but failed to take the first steps. Yasser pushed me to take that first step.

The formula for change is:

                                             D x V x F > R
(D = Dissatisfaction, V = Vision, F = First steps, R = Resistance)

Make sure you take the necessary steps to change your life positively. If you can't take those first steps to have someone that is dear to you, push you to make sure the change happens.
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