Be Ready for Change

Be Ready for Change

In 2007, I met a business owner, Mohie, who lost everything and was looking for a stable income. I hired him as the company messenger. Before he started working for our company at the time, he had a couple of restaurants, several grocery shops, and ventured into school buses. He made lots of money but saved none. He ventured into several businesses without planning ahead.

He definitely had ambition; he was working, earning money, but haven’t planned for change. Change comes into different forms in life. 

The restaurants were handled by a friend who decided to go back home to India, his other partner, in the Grocery shops, went back home to Yemen, and the Government regulated the School bus business, where no expatriate was allowed to run such a company. 

In another world, my late dad lost all is money in the currency exchange. In 1983 he changed all of his savings into Lebanese Pounds, and the currency collapsed, from an exchange rate of LP5 for every £1, it became LP5000 for every £1. Thus he turned overnight from a millionaire to zero.

What is common among the two men was resilience. They were genuine, firm, and reliable. They started from scratch again. They were always positive, though the loss was significant. We have a proverb that says; “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

As for my dad, he managed and provided us with the tools, and the right education to jump start our careers, and for my friend Ed, he is offering excellent schooling to his children, and his eldest is about to become a Doctor.

I believe that the same story is happening around the world, on different continents, nations and cultures. Many were able to resurrect from the ashes, while many others broke down. 

Being in business should give you more life. This life will never happen without acknowledging change and being aware of all the factors, (social, economic, demographic, political, climate, labour, etc.) that might affect you. 

Planning is critical to have a positive outlook. Change is inevitable; once it happens, it will have an effect on our life, work, family, society, culture. If we are prepared well, we will emerge triumphant and victorious.

Are you ready to change? I would love to hear thoughts around this subject!  

As a Business growth specialist, Khalil's mission is to make business owners:

  • Grow their business


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