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Take time for a tea

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In this fast paced world where time seems limited and pressures are excessive - do you ever take time to stop and have a moment to yourself, or more importantly do you share a cuppa with your team, not to receive updates on business but to receive updates on life?

When we now eat at our desks, not stop for a coffee breaks, how do we re-charge? Why does every minute have to be accounted for in the belief if we aren't actually working in front of a PC then we aren't working. Where is the time for creativity? Repetition is unlikely to be inspiring?

Could you make your work/life balance better - could you be doing things differently? Is there a better way to manage your workload? Do you get out of bed fresh and enthusiastic about your day?

It is so important to make the time for you and your teams to live and breathe, to appreciate life and be inspired for the next challenge.

One of the reasons retail struggles in this current climate, aside from the obvious financial pressures, is that buyers no longer have the time to have a vision, to see opportunities, to take risk on newness and new brands. They aren't encouraged to take time to market research, they take the easy option of what is there already and repeat the same mistakes.

Let me help you assess your buying team, let me encourage them to think differently and 'outside the box'. Lets see how to streamline routines to facilitate 'personality' returning to one of the best jobs you can have. Lets buy better!

Contact me for a chat and a cup of tea/coffee - lets talk!
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