Do you ever think 'Why am I not making more impact with my sales pitch?'

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Do you ever think 'Why am I not making more…

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The life of a corporate buyer has changed, there is less time to pre-select, dwell on decisions and spend hours debating new products and opportunities. They have to react quickly and be confident that the supplier can and will deliver as promised. They have to believe in the product or service, they take less risk, making a confident pitch a necessity. They rely on supplier support and build their knowledge on the market from said suppliers.

The negotiations are different, the goals are different and the win/win has changed for both parties.

It is important for suppliers to recognise this shift and to be prepared for this in their discussions, they have to relieve the administrative process and simplify the buying.

With over 30 years experience and having witnessed this shift, I can help you address the new culture and improve your pitch and negotiation from a buyers perspective. I can help you get noticed and improve your listing success.

Check out my website www.moyrarace.com and give me a call to discuss further.
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