10 Reasons for implementing Search Engine Optimization Techniques

10 Reasons for implementing Search Engine…

Search Engine Optimization is a tailored business strategy which includes a defined set of activities the ultimate aim of which is to increase visitor traffic to a specific website, achieved to a large extent by obtaining a higher ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Over the last decade or so, with the advent of e-commerce platforms coupled with high speed internet and more robust digital connections, people are surfing the World Wide Web like never before. Nowadays, it is more common for children to enter search queries in Google for finding answers to a specific question in place of just asking their own parents. Adults are also not far behind. In place of driving to a specific location for purchasing a product, consumers are more adept at placing an online order and waiting for a “home delivery” of the same.

Apart from generating a large wave of user traffic to a website which is correctly optimized for Search Engines, there are other ancillary benefits of implementing SEO as a strategic business tool:

1. Correct optimization techniques for a website means better rankings and improved user satisfaction. A user experience which is satisfactory directly translates to a higher ranking factor. The different criterion includes a design which is both desktop/mobile friendly, fresh content and low load times. Improved user experience means a higher conversion rate and generation of brand loyalty.

2. Properly implemented SEO techniques drive improved customer traffic to a specific website. This is all the more important in the backdrop of recent research studies which show that “Organic”(Unpaid) searches account for more than 64% of all visits to a specific website.

3. Higher conversion rates for leads generated by SEO. In the real world, it makes more sense for a person to purchase a product/service from a business which he/she found out through properly implemented SEO techniques by the business in question.

4. Local search listings lead to multiple visits and follow on sales. Local businesses are now optimizing their websites for local search visibility. This way possible consumers in the neighborhood can identify pertinent locations, hours and directions. The end result may be a physical visit and all other factors being in the favor of the proprietor, a sales deal will be closed.

5. Marketing personnel in companies who have a solid digital marketing strategy have acknowledged that proper SEO techniques leads to more than 66% of their digital marketing efforts being successful in the long run.

6. Ranking higher on the SERP’s (delivered through proper SEO techniques) can lead to enhanced brand loyalty and credibility where consumers are more ready to accept your product/service offering.

7. Proper SEO-optimization at the foundational level may allow the implementer to take a less hands-on strategy in comparison to other marketing efforts like social media and email marketing which involves some degree of continual effort.

8. Improper SEO techniques which do not place the target business in the 1st page of a SERP indirectly means lost customer leads and sales options. About 71% of clicks by customers happen on the 1st page itself and if a business is not on the same, it doesn’t augur well for the business in hand.

9. According to recent studies, 81% of consumers research about their possible purchase options online before making an actual purchase. Having a proper SEO approach means consumers are more easily able to find out the products which they want (and businesses which provide them).





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