15 Ways A Small Business Can Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

15 Ways A Small Business Can Survive The…

Article by Kieran Perry - Business Advisor and Sales Expert

15 Ways A Small Business Can Survive.

• Review your private and business cashflow to cover a minimum of 3 months. Prepare to have no work for a short time.

See what money / grants are available from your local council or direct government investment. - watch daily BBC news reports around 5pm each day.

• Update current website by reviewing current text and adding more where needed.

• Look at improving your website SEO if needed for new services you may now offer.

• Ensure you have opened an account for all social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn accounts etc – make sure you are posting to advise customers of your new opening hours, contact numbers, or any info now needed to be shared.

• Start following more people on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

• Update your Facebook page, ensure your website is listed and do posts about your business and how it can help.

• Improve your personal LinkedIn account adding new business links if needed.

• Add Blogs feature to your current website if you don’t already have this option – write and add at least one blog every few days.

• Sign up to Google analytics and add code to your website back office, this will help with SEO improvements and enable you to see where your website visitors come from, what key words they are searching. This can give you information for new ideas and products to offer.

• Work out your business USPs. – write them into your business website and social media content.

• Consider how you can offer your current business services online in the short term.

• Think about what other products or services you or your business can offer with your skills and resources.

• Work a few hours at a time – more effort put in over the next few weeks will pay off later.

• Plan one day at a time – ensuring you complete each task you set.


Stay Positive and Focused


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