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I want to share with you!

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My name is Ionut Alexandru Berescu and I want to share my story with you.

I was 4 years old when I first came in contact with insurance, more specifically my mother did. I am coming from a large family, I have one older sister and 2 younger siblings with both my parents working full time in our small business, an off licence shop.

One day, while I was out with my older sister playing I got hit by a car. The accident was really serious, and I ended up on a coma at the hospital for three weeks. I had surgery on both my legs, the doctor even thought that I might never fully recover and walk again. The recovery took six months, I needed constant help for everything, so my mother had to give up working to be able to care for me. With only one parent working and 4 kids under care, the situation could have become extremely difficult, but luckily, it wasn’t. the only thing that my parents didn’t need to worry about was money!

My parents had insurance, insurance that covered us as well. All the hospital bills were covered by the lump sum that we received from the insurance company, all the recovery bills were covered as well, so my family could focus only on my recovery only.

As a kid, I didn’t made out anything of this, other that I am lucky to be alive, but today I understand the importance of being insured. It made me understand that we can’t predict what will happen and how bad will things get, until we get go through a similar situation.

I realise that my greatest asset is my health and nothing is more important than that.

Looking back I am grateful that my family had a great insurance advisor to get them the right information and the right quotes for them, that’s why I decided to work as an insurance advisor myself. It is a great feeling to be able to help other people by giving them free advise about what and how to choose their best plan.

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