4 Ways Technology enabling increased productivity at Workplaces

4 Ways Technology enabling increased productivity…

People from Generation X and even some from the Millennial Generation must remember how pain stacking it was to work everything analog. I surely remember how pain stacking job was accountancy, back in days when you needed to work on slow computers and record every transaction manually. Not to forget, you have to be present in the office at all times, else neither you could do the work nor anyone else can contact you.

Those days are surely long gone and for good. Today, the bulk of Generation Xers and Millennials can’t think of working without technology. Today, we expect instant communications and access to data across the globe without any geographic restrictions. And guess what, despite the great distances between workplaces and the workforce, today’s employees are much more productive than ever before.

The technological marvels of the past two decades have changed the façade of businesses forever. The technology is still evolving; giving way to even more creative and efficient work management practices.

Here’re some technologies that are enhancing the workplace productivity for businesses:

Mobile Workforce – Defying geographic distances:

If there is one thing that has completely evolved the work cultures of the past, it’s the chains that bare us to leave workplaces. The rise of cloud computing and fast internet connectivity has risen a generation of mobile employees, who are able to perform equally well (even exceeding) employees tied to the workplace. Numerous researches have proven the fact that mobile employees are happier than chained employees and they outperform traditional employees in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Today’s workforce is overwhelmingly telecommuting, whether from home or on the go in other countries. With innovations in not only internet speed and connectivity but cloud computing as well, mobile employees can do all they need to do without being chained to an office. Research has shown that happier employees are more productive, making this move away from 9 to 5 one of the best productivity-boosters a business can make.

Access o Expertise

The rise of cloud computing also enabled businesses to reach out to industry experts for their concerns and let them work remotely without any hindrances. This has enabled businesses to concentrate on their core competencies and leave the additional business concerns to the experts while lowering the cost and improving the overall efficiency in the process. This is the rise of a whole new economic segment – The Gig Economy.

Time Tracking – Efficiency Surveillance

Only tracking tools have enabled management to track project management, efficiency and time tracking for all employees. The timely efficiency tracking not only help management to monitor workforce productivity, but it also helps employees to keep track of their efficiency levels and make adjustments wherever required.

Chatbots – The End of Customer Service Dilemma 

Customer service has long remained a nuisance with an existential threat to businesses. Back in time, businesses have to arrange resources to handle frustrating and often aggressive clients’ queries. The rise of Chatbots is changing the face of customer service for good. Today, AI and machine learning powered Chatbots are not only able to handle client’s queries, but they are increasingly getting more powerful to handle orders and provide backup support just like an industry expert.
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