How Restricting Calories Won't Help You Lose Weight

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How Restricting Calories Won't Help You Lose…

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What started out as a simple test to help my clients slim down has led to many people being able to enjoy their food and their life...while at the same time becoming more lean, strong and happy.

Now, people (even me, to be honest) just can't believe it when they hear how I helped people get more trim without fad diets... so, I put together a quick case study to demonstrate exactly how I did it. 

FYI: it didn't involve calorie counting, prescribing hours of exercise, or ANY other painful surgical procedures!

But when I discovered what had been missing from many coaching programs, it was like a bolt of lightning had struck me.

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I’m no rocket scientist -  just a weight loss coach. 

But, I was just fed up with prescribing so-called “fool-proof” scientific theories that when put into practice, my clients had to fight to stick with. 

I was fed up telling intelligent adults that they need to reduce their portion sizes. If it was as simple as that, they wouldn’t be paying a coach!

They wanted real help, not just a list of things they were doing wrong. 

And then I began gaining weight myself…


I felt as if my whole world was being rocked because the methods I’d been trained to coach to my clients didn’t even work on me.


I felt I had been LIED to and my career felt like a fraud .


I was embarrassed advising others on getting lighter, when I could feel I was getting heavier. 


And it wasn’t just me, I talked to other trainers and they had many clients coming back to them for years, spending thousands of £££’s on coaching!


I knew something major had to change. 


But I was dedicated to helping the people who wanted their younger body back and were determined to discover a real, sustainable solution.


I figured I’d use myself as a guinea pig first.


And after a LOT of trial and error, my odd little experiment actually worked.


Until one day I woke up and felt lighter, I sprang out of bed for the first time in a long, long time…


I got on the scales and I was my old self again! I’d hardly noticed I was losing weight because I was eating as much as I desired. But I’d made subtle changes that helped my body to start a “self-clean” cycle...just like we would to take care of home appliances, except that our own body is WAY more important. 


So I began coaching this new method to my clients.


At first I was nervous coaching them in this way because it meant they didn’t have to monitor their portion sizes, eat only restricted food, or do hours of exercise per week.


But, the results were spectacular! I saw slimmer silhouettes and happier, brighter faces turning up to each coaching session.


And it worked so well that now I’m getting approached by a lot of others who wanted similar results. Trouble is, I only have so many hours in a day to help them. 

That’s why I decided to put together a FREE MASTERCLASS to share what I’d discovered and the results from this odd experiment.


For those who want to know how I discovered a way that many people and I have been able to shed excess weight without constantly  throwing money at a personal trainer or watching calories forever, then check out this case study where I break down exactly how I did it => https://www.coachsinead.com/register



Hi I'm Sinead and I'm the Head Coach and owner at Taylor Made Personal Training.

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