Attract and retain the right people in your Renewable Energy business

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Attract and retain the right people in your…

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Free Webinar for the Renewable Energy Industry.

How to attract and retain the right people in your Renewable Energy Business.

Are you wondering why you aren’t getting the right candidates, or if you do they aren’t staying with you?

Are you loosing some of your key people to competitors but don’t find out why until it’s too late, or not at all?

Are you struggling to find the time to deal with trying to find investors, win bids for projects, and people coming and going is just causing you more stress?

I am running a webinar on Wednesday the 22nd of September aimed at Managing Directors founders, Owners and the C-Suite in the Renewable Energy Industry. Lasting just 20 minutes and running at 8am and 6pm we will cover how to attract and retain the right people in your business and how Sure Betts HR can help you achieve that.

Please choose and book a time using the links below.

6pm on Wed 22/09/21


8am on Wed 22/09/21
  • webinar
  • HR & Legal advice
  • Talent Attraction

I am on a mission - to help business owners achieve positive change in their business as well as compliance.

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