why you need a proper process

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why you need a proper process

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The need for a proper process

HR is always thought as being dry and boring. There is a reason for this because sometimes it is. However if you follow HR processes and policies you are less likely to get yourself into a pickle. There were several interesting interviews over the weekend and the Crown restarted so you may have missed a little snippet about a council in south Wales being forced to pay a former employee £700,000 SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS due to a discrimination and unfair dismissal claim. The council’s officials botched the investigation in effect they made their mind up before properly investigating the facts and jumped to conclusions not borne out by the facts. The award was so high because the claimant is now unable to work in their chosen field for the rest of their working life and has lost the benefits of a local authority pension. Remember awards discrimination claims are uncapped. So if you are faced with a grievance or disciplinary get it right or beware of the consequences for help contact me at www.ukemploymentlawadvice.co./contact

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