How are your communication skills?

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How are your communication skills?

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If you have something to say, it’s obviously much easier to get your message across if you’re a good communicator.  So what does it take to be a good communicator?

You need to take on board some statistics, develop a few specific character traits and avoid various annoying habits.

The statistics? Research has shown the following:
- only 7% of the message we transmit comes from the words we use
- whereas 38% comes from the vocal intonation, the emphasis and the tone
- and a massive 55% comes from body language, predominantly facial expression and hand movements.

The character traits?  You need to develop the following abilities:
- speak clearly and concisely
- be friendly and empathic
- sound both confident and respectful
- remain open minded and be a good listener yourself.

The annoying habits?  People are much more likely to listen if you:
- don't mumble
- don’t use slang such as “like”, actually”, “sort of”, “kinda”
- don’t become so obsessed with the sound of your own voice that people automatically switch off when you open your mouth!
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