Ignorance, arrogance and thought provocation

Imagine you are an interviewer and let me share with you three imaginary interviewees and their responses to the question, "What do you know about our industry sector?"

We would undoubtedly be fascinated by the different attitudes the three of them displayed.  However, I think none of us would ever dream of employing the first two.

1 The first one is exemplified by Basil Fawlty's waiter Manuel who announced 'I know nothing'.

2 The second is the person who says, "To save time, let's just assume I know everything.

3 The final one is the one who offers "The only thing I know is that I know nothing" followed by a pause and the word "yet". The main phrase is derived from Plato’s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates and is sometimes called the Socratic paradox.

Perhaps we wouldn't employ the last one either, but at least it shows a willingness to learn.
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