Don't let rejection defeat you

Don't let rejection defeat you

“I’m sorry but we won’t be taking your application for the post of project manager any further!”

The wind just caught the door and slammed it in your face.

You did your absolute best, you practised interviews with your mentor, you did all the necessary due diligence on the company, you expressed your achievements with confidence and assurance, you didn’t boast, your positive attitude and people skills shone through and you asked all the right questions at the end.

Hold your nerve.

“As I say, we can’t offer you the PM role, we think you are beyond that, and therefore we would like to offer you the role of project director.”

When one door closes (sometimes) an even better one opens. Of course you may not get the second sentence. But in that case let the experience motivate you; go home and debrief yourself. “Now, what can I improve for next time?”
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