What do I do now?

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What do I do now?

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Your Business Idea:
You probably started your business several years ago as you had an idea and wanted to get away from the rat race.

Q: How have you done?

I am assuming that you have done pretty well and have been building your business gradually year on year.

Your Family:

Q: Have you been missing spending time with your family as your business was growing?

Q: Have you wanted to leave maybe a legacy for your children?

Maybe build a nice nest egg so that you and your wife/partner can enjoy a happy(early?) retirement.

Your Business Lockdown:

Everything was going well for you and then what happened? Covid-19 and Lock Down!

Q: What have you had to do because of the lockdown?

Q: How many staff have you had to put on furlough?

Q: How many staff have you had to lay off?

Q: How much product have you had to throw away as it is now out of date?

I am also assuming that you have had to continue paying the rent on your business premises and also possibly the mortgage on your home?

Q: What have you been able to do to adhere to social distancing?

Q: Are you able to keep the recommended distance between your work force so that you are ready to start working again?

Q: Has the whole thing just become so emotional, stressful and painful that you have thought about giving (your business that you have spent all those years, time and money building) up?

Your Business Future:

As I see it but I maybe wrong. 

You have three choices if your business is struggling: 

1) Close the doors and walk away, 

2) Spend the next 2 years killing yourself with even more stress, 


3) Find an equity partner who can see your vision and will inject enthusiasm and capital into your business, enabling it to grow while others around you fail.

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