Principle #2 - Discipline equals freedom

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Principle #2 - Discipline equals freedom

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As promised; I will be releasing a new principle from the full 12 Principles mini-book I have created to give you the reader small doses and a daily read if you are interested in transforming your life and becoming the hero in your own lifetime.


The second Principle following on from Principle #1 – Integrity is Discipline. And as you will see self-discipline changes everything. Yes, having real integrity is a must a foundation you must never be without, but discipline is the game-changer. By building self-discipline, you can achieve so much more from life and it becomes so much easier.


I was talking with a friend the other day about sticking to a diet and why he needed a Coach. Because and these are his words “A coach will tell you what your body needs from numbers and quantities, whereas yourself may weaken from willpower and want to eat something tasty that may not necessarily be on your diet list.”


And this is why I am here. I will help my clients remain accountable and help them maintain the steps needed to 1. Build their own self-discipline and 2. Support them on their journey to their success.


Although, if I am also being brutally honest, WTF? Just stick to your diet! It doesn’t need to taste nice, I have eaten food for years not caring about its taste, because it is purely a fuel to me and I don’t indulge in ‘face-feeding’.


When I go back to Thailand, I will eat whatever’s on the menu; crickets, worms, raw buffalo innards, whatever… just get it down your neck, it’s all protein and fibre.


Anyways, you understand where I’m coming from so without further ado, here’s the second principle, short and sweet;



Principle #2 Discipline equals freedom


Without self-discipline, you will achieve nothing of any great importance. People err away from discipline and think of it as a bad word. It’s not, it’s invigorating, it’s freeing, it’s confidence building. It is why so many self-help guru’s start off by saying ‘make your bed in the morning’. It’s their way of teaching you that by making your bed you are instilling self-discipline to do something, that is not only tidy but uniformed. You may be the type that likes to skip a few things to make your life easier. To find the next hack that makes life just so little bit easier. You may also be the type that says they like chaos in their life. But remember Principle #1, what did that tell us? Don’t BS yourself. If you want true freedom in your life and you want to be truly successful, you are going to have to build on your self-discipline.


Notice how I said to build on your self-discipline. It doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t suddenly wake up or after finishing this Manifesto, decide that’s it I’m going to become a Tibetan Monk!


It takes baby steps. And who wants to become a Tibetan Monk anyway?  You wouldn’t expect to walk into the gym on day one, lay down and start benching 180kg’s for reps? (If you did then either you’ve been using some Mexican supplements or you’re a freak and I should start training you for World Powerlifting contests!). Well, the same applies to any mental activity and this includes self-discipline.


What does it take to become a master of self-discipline? Firstly, you will have to see the benefit in it. Think of any successful businessman or sports star, or whatever or whoever motivates you, and think about what it is really that they had to do, every single day of their lives to become a success?


It may not be apparent at first glance, but look into it deeper and you will see they have all mastered self-discipline. Not only that, but by becoming self-disciplined, you will find everything becomes easier. You are not flapping around because you didn’t arrange everything the night before. You are not worrying about your presentation because your self-discipline taught you to practice that one hundred and first time. You will also notice that because of your self-discipline you will acquire more self-esteem and build confidence. Why, because you earned it. You have that edge over the next guy, simply because you did more than him. The results may not seem clear at first but rest assured they will come. People will start to notice in you ‘something different’.


When you have realised what benefits can be had, the real work starts. Depending on what level you are at now - be honest with yourself - you will have to think about everything and anything you procrastinate about and use that as your enemy, your challenge and attack it with vigour. You may be the type of person that needs notes, or action charts, do whatever you need to do. Every time you feel like not doing something and that you can either, put it off for later or until tomorrow, don’t let it win. This is your ‘wax on - wax off’ moment. These little steps build up your self-discipline.


“But do I have to be so aggressive and on the ball all of the time”? “Can I not take any days off”? It all boils down to how much do you want anything? If you want it enough, you will make the effort, and believe me it doesn’t need to stay like that forever. I spent years studying the Thai language, whereby I would speak it every chance I got. I would especially use it at home with my wife. This led to the fact that my wife did not pick up any of the English language. I knew this was selfish on my part, but I also knew that when I had mastered the language enough, I would feel secure that I could speak English and not have to worry about losing what I had learnt. Now my wife can speak very good English and has passed multiple English language tests. To learn something new, pick up a new habit it takes repetition. The less repetition you have or you put into it, the longer that habit or result will take, it’s that simple. Put in the effort reap the rewards.


Ok, so here we go again, hit me up on Facebook and Instagram and let me know what it is you are doing. Don’t be shy. It doesn’t matter how small a step it is they are all steps. And repetition is king. I want to see your progression and see what worked for you and what didn’t.






  1. Make a list of things you procrastinate about
  2. Make a list of things you wish you would get done quickly
  3. Now next to or underneath each point, make a section or area to tick for every time you did this task on time and to satisfaction
  4. Have a checklist or area of note where you didn’t achieve this task or you put it off
  5. Always have someone you tell about your list to hold you accountable or better yet take pictures of it and let us all see on social media
  6. Remember it takes discipline to be self-disciplined so step by step -repetition is king!




































End of Principle

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