Is Growth Your Thing?

Peter Messervy, Opus Magnum Business Coach & Mentor

Is Growth Your Thing?

For business owners/CEOs/MDs seriously interested in business growth, I host a peer to peer executive mastermind group every month. It will double the value of the members businesses over 2 to 3 years. It has been doing it now for 9 years and has never failed.
The meeting includes a powerful workshop from which the member will take away action items to apply to their business. It is followed by up to 3 masterminds where a business owner will present a specific challenge to the board, and the rest of the board will apply a laser focus in helping them find a solution.
It is like having a group of NEDs working for you in your own board. The results are priceless.
If you would like to know more, please arrange a 10-minute phone call with me.
Peter at 0770 304 9500
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Peter Messervy Opus Magnum Business Coach & Mentor

As a member of the Business Architects Guild, I design and create new businesses and business transformations for a wide range of clients.

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