If the business has goals and targets, then your marketing should have the same

If the business has goals and targets, then your…

Most people go into business in the thing that they love, or the thing that they’re really good at, nevertheless, a lot of business owners are never taught HOW to run a business, or HOW to market their business.

Business owners are interested in having enough business that would result in generating revenue that answers their needs and requirements. A successful scenario would allow us to predict the number of leads we will attract on a monthly basis, how much they are going to cost us, and how they will impact the growth of the business. In summary, predict profits and cash flow.

Most business owners that I meet say that their marketing approach is word of mouth. In fact, this is a sit and wait for strategy. For your marketing, you should consider at least four to five different tested strategies. Examples of traditional marketing strategies included channels like newspapers, radio, television, outdoor, yellow pages, telephone directories, cinema, etc. The changing environment or media landscape is dictating new methods and ways on how to connect with our customers. Search engines, social media, are becoming powerful marketing tools that can’t be ignored.

To develop the best marketing strategy for our business, we need to look at the 5W:

Always start with a Why, potential clients don’t need to know WHAT you do, nor HOW you do it.

They want to know WHY you do it, and what they end up with. They want to know about the pain you solve, or the vision you create.

If the business has goals and targets, then your marketing should have the same. The most important thing is test and measure. All activities should be giving you a return on investment.
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As a Business growth specialist, Khalil's mission is to make business owners:

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