Do you have the right Mindset!

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Do you have the right Mindset!

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In December 1993, I started working with Research and Consulting House (REACH) in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, where I have had the opportunity to work with lots of great personalities.

One of the perturbations that I had in the first week of my job there was when I was contacted by an Advertising Director in one of the leading Advertising agency requesting a meeting to discuss a research project. I was scared. Oh my God, what shall I do, What if he asks X or asks Y, what should I answer? Failing was never an option. I have to overcome this.

I decided to make the best of the situation and started preparing for the meeting, reading more about the product, making a list of potential questions that could be discussed during that meeting.

I also had time to reflect, and evaluate the situation. What I was convinced of was that that director isn’t knowledgeable about research as me, with my little experience, otherwise he wouldn’t have requested the meeting? That in itself gave a psychological advantage and provided me with a positioning that provided me with confidence and comfort.

The meeting went exceptionally well, I won the research project, conducted the research, and delivered insightful results.

That was the stepping-stone to many achievements and growth to come. My learning was:

Prepare, prepare and then prepare. Be ready, research, study, read, learn. Nowadays you have an immense source of information on the internet and social media.

Learning is essential for growth and better performance. Maybe during the 1990s that was difficult or expensive, but nowadays we have an open source of information that we can tap into.

I was yesterday in a social gathering, and hear a statement that got engraved in my mind. Someone who is knowledgeable is better than a 1000 ignorant person. No matter what your profession or apprenticeship, make sure to learn and practice as much as you can, to be the best at what you do. The only challenge would be? How fast can you learn? Is there a fast track for learning? Can you speed it up?

Fruits for thought!

Have a fantastic week ahead!
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As a Business growth specialist, Khalil's mission is to make business owners:

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