Sid Godbole Consulting - Organisational Resilience

Sid Godbole Consulting Coaching Consultant

Sid Godbole Consulting - Organisational Resilience

     Welcome to the 2nd blog of Sid Godbole Consulting on Resilience and Performance Improvement. I wrote about reaction to “What if…” thought and mind-set as key factors effecting Personal Resilience in the first blog. Moving on to Organisational Resilience, did you know that business process mapping and re-engineering as a visual tool can improve organisational resilience and help sustain performance?
     If members of an organisation have access to end-to-end product or service delivery process maps and if these are displayed from conception to continuous improvement stages, there is a visibility for service delivery, decision-points, customer touch-points, service pain-points and roles team members play. There is always room for improvement, so if the performance continues an expected trajectory, the visual maps with a detailed value stream analysis can be used as a continuous improvement tool. If performance of a product / service stream dips, process mapping & data mining offers an informed view on improvements needed for 3 Ps – People, Processes and Product (or service if that’s the product).
     Would love to discuss further with CEOs and Managing Directors on London Professionals of their experiences with Business Process Re-engineering. Sid Godbole Consulting have over 19 years in Business Process Mapping, Process Innovation and Business Process Re-engineering within B2B and B2C environments.
     Do drop me an email or get further insight into our service portfolio at https://www.sidgodbole.co.uk
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Sid Godbole Consulting Business Consultant

I am Sid Godbole, a Senior Business Transformation Manager, with 19 years of mainstream and complementary business-turnaround in B2B and B2C environments. I have been a member of Senior Management Teams for 16 years and hold a MBA, Bachelor of Engineering…


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